Monday, August 12, 2013

New Planning Zones announced for Glen Eira

Last week I attended a press conference where State Planning Minister Matthew Guy announced in Bentleigh that Glen Eira will become the first municipality in Melbourne to convert
to the new town planning zones.

This was achieved with virtually a complete translation of our existing zones into the new ones ie no boundary changes with the added benefit of mandatory height restrictions for the first time ever over approx 97% of the municipality.

This breaks down as such in area and height to the new zones:
Neighborhood Residential -approx 80%- max of 2 dwellings per lot, max 8m= 2storeys
Both areas below centred on public transport proximity add up to approx 17%
General Residential- along tramlines and smaller strips/shopping centres 10.5m efectively 3 storeys
Resdential Growth- around larger shopping stips/centres 13.5m effectively 4 storeys

The remaining approx 3% comes(also near PT) under the new Commercial zoning introduced on July 15th by the State govt with no height limits which was already the current case.

It is a very good outcome which I feel curtails the power and influence of VCAT and provides better surerity by focusing future development around our public transport nodes.

Extensive public consultation was undertaken in 2010 on the local planning scheme with the key improvements desired by the community being;
- height limits in residential areas
- the introduction of transition zones to better 'step down' the effects of development
- increasing % of pervious surface per site
- restricting development in the minimum change residential zone (now neighborhood residential)

It is very pleasing that these have all now been accomplished.

Full details on Council website home page including maps of zoning - see under links.

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